About Simone


I believe that relationships constitute the core of our lives; at least they are what make me tick – with all their messy complexity. I’m a person, woman, mother, wife, friend, lover of life, in my early forties, passionately curious about how we can live thriving, meaningful, fulfilling lives together with the people we choose to have around us.

My yearning is to enjoy life, to create and connect, not only at those times when we’re experiencing a lovely flow. Not only, when we’re in the wonderful state of things flowing calmly and steadily along and the biggest worry being the question of what we’re putting on the dinner table tonight. But especially, when life is difficult. When we’re meeting inside or outside challenges, which seems to me, and I’m saying this without any cynicism whatsoever, to be most of the time.

Maybe that’s an inescapable part of living life fully – to feel it ALL. DEEPLY. I’m eager about figuring out how to enjoy life, including meeting pain and difficulties, and living authentically, vulnerably, even graciously, and above all with an open heart! It’s my biggest challenge and occupation.

As for the rest, I’m also a linguist, pursuing my PhD studies in cognitive semantics and language development. Which is another aspect in my life, all about MEANING and figuring it out…

And oh, English isn’t my native language, so if you find a lot of peculiarities in my writings, that could be one explanation!


2 thoughts on “About Simone

  1. Simone, you are a wonderfully inspiring writer. I look forward to being one of your followers and having the opportunity to just read your words and let the message sink in. Peace to you, sweet lady.

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