ImageEver since I was little, I wanted to be a writer. My biggest dream is to write a brilliant, captivating novel – to weave magic with words. All the same, as for many aspiring writers, there’s only the idea OF a novel and not even an idea FOR a novel. Needless to say, the only writing that’s been going on has been in my imagination, snippets about observations here and there, and except for (mostly) emails, I haven’t put pen to paper, or fingers to keypad. The dissertation I’m working on is also still strangely lacking in words.

Recently, there’s been a kind of pressure building up within me. There are observations, reflections, ideas, and ideals that want to be expressed. In writing. An intriguing plot, poetic skills, and magic, still are part of a lovely dream I have, but don’t feel as important to me anymore. Writing about authenticity, vulnerability, healing, growth, and thriving, does however feel more and more like a necessity.

I want to live in a kinder world. I have a vision of how WE can achieve that, little by little, by awareness, self-compassion, and compassion. Authenticity, transparency, vulnerability, and empathy. I want to share my perspective on these topics. Because I believe that will help me to live by my own values, grow and change.

If my biggest dream is to write a life changing novel, one of my biggest writing fears is that a tone of moral righteousness might sneak its way into my posts. I think there are people who are spreading wonderful messages and whose convincing arguments can well inspire us to change – in a good way. I’m just wondering, if I would be entitled to write that kind of messages, or if one needs to be famous and successful, like say, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Brené Brown (The gifts of imperfection), Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love), to do so? That is, is it necessary to be some kind of authority, to have some kind of status among people who seek growth and change?Image

Status. Shit. STATUS-SHIT! I keep running into its arms over and over and have to wrestle to get free. Maybe no wonder, since it is so all pervasive? Ough. So tired of it! That’s also something I want to write about. I ain’t climbing no ladder. I’m here to spread my wings!


5 thoughts on “Ambitions

  1. Heartfelt words and feelings, Simone. You already are an authority on your own life. i love that you share your aspirations as well as your fears about being entitled to claim your wisdom and express it. But you did right here in this blog post. Comparing ourselves to others, especially famous people, clips our wings for sure. Please keep sharing your explorations on your blog. Paula

  2. Simone, you have so much to share about who you are – this wonderful courageous lady, what life is like where you live, the courage you had to travel a couple of years ago, your hopes, wishes and dreams. You will inspire others too. Keep writing and I will keep reading. Love you

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