Beaches and Bikinis

Summer… There are lots of wonderful things about summer, still it isn’t my best season. For several reasons. But here’s the one I find important to talk about: body image.20120715 På stranden

I wish, I wouldn’t care what other people think. I admit I do. I wish, that next year, I will be able to write a version of this post where I say, Yes I do care, but I am BRAVE enough to live my belief that everyone has the right to enjoy a day at the beach without being ashamed of how they look. And how fantastic wouldn’t it be, if in two years time I could report, that Hey, I was at the beach, and without being neither slim, nor ashamed, I wore a swimsuit and I let my whole body enjoy the warmth of the sun, the cooling breeze, the sand, water, and all that loveliness, that makes my inner child squeak with joy. The inner child that wants to catch a butterfly in the air, or a fish under water. Throw a ball and catch a frisbee. Do somersaults under water and dive after coins. Dance and eat ice cream. The child who lives fully in her body, who isn’t ashamed, who thankfully doesn’t yet have a notion of why anyone would have a reason to be ashamed of and in their body. That girl still lives on there, somewhere within me.

Shame is a debilitating emotion. When we’re ashamed, about whatever, we don’t live fully. Today’s girls (and boys!) don’t get very much time to be in their bodies, to be themselves, before feelings of self doubt and shame start invading their minds. I can’t describe how sad and angry that makes me feel. And how incredibly frustrated I, as an adult woman, am for not being able to disregard all those crazily unrealistic messages about how we are supposed to look, in order to have joyful time at the beach, or wherever.

This summer, would I even consider wearing a bikini, even if it was only on my own balcony? Hell, no! Would I want to feel like my excited five year old self, on the beach in Spain, proudly showing off her new white bikini with a print of bright red strawberries? Hell, yes!


5 thoughts on “Beaches and Bikinis

  1. My dear! What do I do? I am 75 and feel like walking without shoes outside in sommer. Not only on the beach…everywhere………and i have problem with my arms – they are so empry where I before had mucles.Sometimes when I am singing or painting i forget about the whole thing but…?

    • Walk barefoot wherever it is safe to do so, sing and paint whenever you feel like it, and be greatful for all the fanstastic work your arms are doing for you?! Looking forward to see your newest paintings, mom!

  2. Vad härligt att läsa om din längtan! Jag hoppas du låter den gro, vattna den, värm den så kommer den att slå ut en vacker dag!

  3. Great post, Simone. I’ll be thinking of you and me, too, tomorrow when I go to the beach to surf fish. I’m going to pay attention to all the feelings that come up for me around the topic of body image, beaches and bathing suits.

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