Amor Vincit Omnia

My heart is bursting with LOVE.

I had planned to write this post for your birthday, on Sunday. A birthday, for which I had planned a nice excursion, you and me and our boys, just as in old times; and in the evening, friends coming over for Raclette. Yum!

I was going to write about hospitals in past tense. Well, I guess a broken hip isn’t the end of the world. At least not for you, brave, courageous, GOOD SPIRITED MAN. Even on your way into surgery you made M%STirup2jokes to COMFORT ME. The aphasia due to your stroke only allowing for non verbal jokes, but I can assure you, words wouldn’t have been more expressive.

When we engraved our wedding rings with AMOR VINCIT OMNIA five years ago in July, when we married after 19 years together, we had no idea what challenges life would yet serve us. In retrospect, it feels like we had no idea what those words, LOVE CONQUERS ALL really mean, and how significant they are.  Although I know, that you already know, I’m writing this for you, and I am writing it for other’s too, because this is not a cliché and it is the greatest comfort life has offered me in the middle of all struggles:


I am incredibly grateful for all the love in my life. I have read many definitions of love, all of them picking up on a specific aspect, and none of them truly encompassing its full meaning. Love is more than its visible manifestations and love is definitely more than can be expressed with languange. It can be all embracing and it can be specific. It mostly feels awsome. Sometimes raw. It makes us vulnerable. Brave. And coureagous.

I am blessed, honored, and grateful to share this life with you. We’ve co-created a fabulous family, that makes me so proud and my heart burst with love. Thank you!

Happy Birthday Mattias! I LOVE You!




13 thoughts on “Amor Vincit Omnia

  1. Simone, this is so beautiful. Your words and all that they express and encompass just opened my heart and I could feel the bursting of love. As jean said, that picture of you and Mattias is special. Xox

  2. Simone, my heart is bursting with love reading this- what a beautiful writer you are- most of all because I can truly feel your authentic voice and heart. As jean said the photo of you two is special.
    Happy birthday from New York Mattias. Xox

    • Dear Kelcy,
      thank you for reading and for your heart warming comment! I do feel such a nice connection to you, and meeting with you in this space makes me really happy! Thank you for engaging and for your lovely words!

  3. Ni är så fina!
    Jag och Micke är så tacksamma över att ha er som vänner!
    Ni är så starka båda två och härliga och stöttar så vackert varandra.
    Helt underbart skrivet från dig Simone min vän!
    Tack !!!

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