2016-05-03 16.05.11

Longing for ease. Longing for flow. For adventures on the go. Longing for confidence, competence, and congruence. Yet enjoying paradox, won’t be put in a box, want to be free like a fox.

Longing for normality, tired of debility, yearning for capacity. Longing for variety, accessibility, more activity. Yearning for more energy. More curiosity, connectivity, and creativity. Longing to be healthy, wealthy, overflowing with generosity.

Longing for more understanding, for Life to be less demanding, for Me to be less demanding. More loving, hugging, and encouraging. Longing for more openness, regardless of disadvantages; let us never doubt people’s worthiness.


Let us share the craziness, foxiness, and awesomeness of our aliveness. Let us enjoy the bitter sweetness of our longings.


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