Lucky Woman

I’m a lucky woman. Truly privileged.

I am surrounded by men and boys who call themselves feminists. Who want to co-create a world where men and women have equal rights, possibilities, and personal FREEDOM.

wpid-20140926_132901.jpgDespite my husband’s best intentions, it definitely wasn’t quick and easy, and it surely didn’t happen without heated discussions. It took years for us both to (almost) break free from cultural stereo types.  But we did it. Created a family where gender equality (almost) became a given. And now, it’s easy to forget that my family’s micro cosmos isn’t representative of the rest of the world. And that both locally and globally speaking, there’s still so so much change required for women to live under the same conditions as men.

I wonder if there isn’t still another reason why I “forget”, and this one is even scarier: Am I simply so used to some of these inequalities, that I don’t give them much thought? It seems, I just take it for granted that it is too scary for me to take a walk alone late at night. And I am not surprised, if a steering committee consists mostly of men. Also, it’s completely normal to me, that most of the sports broadcasts are showing male athletes.

Even in my part of the world, it is part of our cultural heritage to expect more men in powerful positions, to expect men to be the main providers, to expect women to be the main care takers (of children and parents and homes), to be the ones who adapt to other people’s wishes. I tend to analyze things from an individual’s perspective. I am happy to have friends to remind me that we all also are part of a larger structure, and that in fact some of the choices I make are due to being part of that structure.

My deepest wish is for all people to live authentic lives in accordance to each individual’s desire. Regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or where we live.

This blog post is written in gratitude to all women and men who are striving to create a world where this is possible. It was prompted by actress Emma Watson’s speech at the UN the other day.* She was nervous. She was brave. She met the challenge and called for change. For equality. For men to be feminists. She has all my respect!

20140926_120911Let us create a world, where indeed, anything but equality for all human beings would be regarded as the strangest and most uncivilized phenomenon.  Let us, together, men and women, each do what we can to break obsolete patterns – both on the individual and the structural level.
 One conscious decision at the time…
*Link to Emma Watson’s speech:




One thought on “Lucky Woman

  1. Gender equality has been much on my mind lately because of the misogynistic methods of ISIS and virtually all jehadist Muslims. That way of life stuns and stifles MILLIONS of women who in some sense don’t even have a chance. Thank you for acknowledging how lucky and privileged you are. I am helping you celebrate that.

    Aside: If there is any support I can provide for your presentation to the Creative Abundance group (you practice some of your talk with me a listener?) please just ask.

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