Holding space

Holding space in the sense of creating room in time and space.

Create room, so there’s time for us to listen and to talk. To share and being shared with. Room for us and others to be ourselves. To make mistakes. To screw up and to feel crappy about it. To be forgiven. Above all, to forgive ourselves. Room for passion, compassion and emotions.


Rest in the grey…

Room for reflection. For longing. For connection. For confirmation and appreciation. For restoration and play. To rest in the grey. And for celebrating color. Room for rainbows. Empathy and honesty. For disappointment. For honoring agreements and admire achievements. For compliments and enchantments.

Room for guilty pleasures, for leisure, and unexpected treasures. Room for freedom. And autonomy. For alone time. For exhaustion. For needs being met. Room for grief. For sadness. Room to lean into the rawness of pain and room for figuring out how to climb out of dark holes. For getting support and being supportive.

Room for ASKING.


Reach for the sky!

Room for healing, hope, and HAPPINESS. For growth and trying to reach the SKY.

Room for longing. For inspiration born out of desperation.  Room for creativity to get us out of  captivity (of our minds, social conventions, have tos, and shoulds).

Room to live life fully. With all the above. And more.


Above all with LOVE. Always with love. Always make room for LOVE.


This is the short version of the things I feel I need and want to have room for in my life. Even the hard things are “wants” in the sense that experiencing them makes my life rich. Not that I long for them. It’s just that life doesn’t seem to offer the fluffy and yummy without the hard challenges. It’s a world of contrast.

Why do I need to point out to myself to hold space for all that stuff, if it is happening anyway, whether I want it or not? Because it’s when I’m making room for ALL of it, when I give myself time to lean into it, that I’m honoring and savoring LIFE. That’s when I give myself opportunity both to root myself deeply and to reach for the sky. A tree without enough space doesn’t get to do that.

I’d enjoy reading what you would want to hold more space for in your life. Please share in a comment, if you feel like it!







11 thoughts on “Holding space

  1. This is a beautiful post. Why? First of all because YOU wrote it and second you are acknowledging all feelings. I would like to do more of this because often I try to push the bad feelings away instead of holding space for them instead of honoring and leaning into them. I want to do this more. Just like now. It is cold, I am cold and I don’t like this kind of cold. How do I savor it instead of wanting it to be warmer? Cold hands, wrapped in too many clothes. A lot to think about if I lean into it and honoring it is part of my life right now. I am glad to be alive and here.

    Love, Jean

  2. I know the feeling of pushing against hard stuff, too well, Jean. I think it’s natural for us to do it. I think leaning in to difficult emotions requires awareness and a re-training of ourselves… It’s not enjoyable. I believe joy may be the reward, though…

    Blankets, hot chocolate, warm socks & a good book, makes me savor cold weather 😉

    Love, Simone

    • It is a daily yoga, so true! “having a sense of lightness and spaciousness inside” – oh did I long for that this weekend! I gave myself room to be tired and cranky yesterday and I still woke up out of sorts… I am happy to day though, that I feel much better now and light and space are getting room to expand.

      Thanks for your feedback, I so appreciate it!

  3. Your words absolutely touched my heart. I need to allow myself more space for simply being who and what I am at this stage of my life….and to truly appreciate each day as the gift it is. Thank you for sharing this awesomely inspiring piece.

  4. I dont find words not already written……..but I send to you all my Love and inspiration and wisch you…..the BEST!

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