Change the grey, with a gift a day

A little more than a month ago, I decided to give a gift every day for a month. Not only because I enjoy gift giving, also as a way to shift focus from problems (inside of me) towards compassion (for people around me). Yet another reason to try this out, was simple curiousity and a search for relief: other people who were devoted to this practice have been reporting transformation, from aches and pains to lessened symptoms, from depression to optimism.

Angel for a friend

Angel for a friend

I might have had too many other things going on (although not by choice), to really make a spiritual praxis out of it. I did however, during this time, re-learn things I already knew about myself: a) gift giving isn’t a challenge for me, it’s pure joy, and b) a gift A day for 30 days IS a challenge for me, while 40 gifts IN 30 days isn’t. Here’s why: I am a BEING who’s defying all kinds of  structures. When it comes to following a strict schedule of any kind, e.g. an excercise routine, eating plan, a fixed house cleaning day, working hours, go to the museum afternoon, or even book buying day (!?) – my body-mind-spirit is opting out. I believe, that I honestly believe, that I would become rebellious even to a chocolate eating routine. Well, at least if it would be imposed on me…* So, while I have been happily giving more than 30 gifts during the past month, I haven’t been gifting every day.

I learned another thing, too: taking pictures of my gifts to put on the blog, wasn’t such a brilliant idea, after all. Only a few days after I started, I realized an unpleasant dynamic: suddenly, my focus shifted from the person I wanted to make happy, to taking a nice picture to post on a specially dedicated page. Urgh. I stopped taking pictures as soon as I realized that. Interestingly, that in it’s turn had another unexpected effect on me: not posting pictures to show you, made it all feel less significant, or even REAL. An even bigger URGH. Huh, that’s a nasty side effect of social media.* Fortunately, it was a feeling that quickly passed…        BUT STILL!!

This was alovely gift *I* got

This was alovely gift *I* got

If you’re curious, the following were among my favorite gifts to give: an angel-collage sparking my creativity (see picture); a Brené Brown book, because I love spreading her message; buying a newspaper to a bored old lady in hospital, who didn’t have a single visitor during her whole stay there; AND taking a friend from far away with me on my morning walk, by way of taking pictures of beautiful things I saw on the way and sending them over. I am aware, that those gifts gave MYSELF faaaaaaar more JOY than the receiver. How nice! There’s even beauty in that – my intention to be more COMPASSIONATE towards others, carried the big happy bonus of being a practice of inspiring SELF-COMPASSION, as well. Search for relief -> check!

* These realizations gave me ideas for upcoming blog posts about Routine versus Rituals, and one about the phenomenon that something feels more real when we share it.

So, stay tuned!**

**To whatever brings YOU joy, of course 🙂


7 thoughts on “Change the grey, with a gift a day

  1. You are such an inspiration, Simone. I love the idea of giving books by authors who have touched you. I cut zinnias from my flower garden to gift to people. Share tomatoes, too. Do you think giving compliments is an act of gift-giving?
    XoXo Paula
    PS: your blog is a gift to me.

    • I certainly receive your warm words as a gift, Paula. A compliment has the power to bring light on a gloomy day – and ain’t that one of the greatest gifts?!

      This reminds me of a conversation I once had, about how we can change the energy of tasks that we usually perceive as tedious, to feel less heavy, if we re-frame them as gifts.
      For example, I find doing the families laundry to be a most boring, tiring, heavy task – might it feel less burdensome if I think of it as a gift to the other family members? To me, it would make sense. I will report back on that one!

      Warm thank you, Simone

  2. Simone, I love this. Yes your blog is a gift to me too and I love the picture you posted too, both of them. Like Paula says, you are an inspiration, so much so that I bought a sketch book with inspiring saying on it. Then today I was in the Dollar store and I bought smiley face stickers and a roll of fall flower stickers. I don’t know what I’m going to create but see how you inspire me? I love it. Thanks for your vulnerability, love and friendship. I love you.

    Jean ♥♥♥♥

  3. Oh Simone, I am looking forward to seeing what you create! Isn’t it fun, we’re CREATING ❤

    We're playing, we're sharing our vulnerabilities and love.

    We support each other ♥♥♥


  4. ANOTHER inspiring, interesting blog. You are quite wonderful to be sharing not only your experiments but your enthusiasm and self-talk. Thanks so much. Gift-giving. A BIG YES for me. I have been giving organic produce from our garden more or less daily, and it THRILLS me. A five gallon pail of pole (string) beans to my fellow Zumba members, dozens of cucumbers to my coffee buddies (usually with beans and squash). I sometimes get feedback (not requested) that is so heart-warming. And I have been giving [free] EFT sessions to a number of really interested and interesting people. I makes me feel SO FRIGGIN’ GOOD. Talk about raising my vibration! Whew!

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